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Nightfall Productions Nighfall Productions is running the LARP at UberCon, and you're invited to play!

Thalia Productions
Thalia Productions writes, produces and sells inclusive Live-Action Role Playing games. Their Muse System was created by Sandra Hordis & Carolyn Mair-Basiura. The system focuses on Role-playing over combat and creates and immersive word for players to explore. Their goal produce high-quality, plot-driven, fun, interactive live-action games. This years LARP is The Isle of Dr. Hordova - a place of invention, intrigue, and secrets. Ever wanted to be an Airship Pirate? An entrepreneur of the mysterious East India Company? A Techno-Magician performing for the enjoyment of royalty? Than join us Friday night! "Isle of Dr. Hordova" is a Steampunk Live Action Roleplaying Game using the original Muse LARP gaming system by Thalia Productions. Please friend Isabella Hordova on facebook!

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