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The UberCon Console room this convention will include a range of Xbox 360s, Wiis, PS2s and Game Cubes. We will have almost non-stop Guitar Hero and Rock Band access (tournaments permitting) all convention long. 360's will be the staple in the First Person Shooter area again with games like Halo 3, Call Of Duty 4, and Unreal Tournament 3 (assuming they grace us with a favorable release date). Try your hand at the Wii with games like Wii Sports and even Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Our younger kids will be welcome in the consoles area more so with dedicated equipment just for 'E' rated games. Parents or guardians wishing to allow kids access potentially mature rated games can ask anyone in the console area to have their child's badge marked. Kids will have access to games like Viva Pinata, Tak, Wii Sports, and Lego Star Wars. A range of Original Xbox games will also be available for play.

Tournaments will be run throughout the convention including games like:

  • Halo 3
  • Rock Band
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
Open Gaming will be during any times that a tournament is not in progress!!!

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Console Games scheduled at UberCon include:
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All-Ages Game Area All-Ages Game Area
Again we bring back the dedicated table in consoles between 9am and 10pm just for all-ages use. A variety of kids friendly titles will also be available to playing.

Think your kid is mature enough, then visit the staff in the consoles area or at the front regi and have their badge marked to show your approval of them playing Mature rated games. This will allow kids access to any console that may currently be playing a mature rated game . Note, that due to language and other non-appropriate behavior, we ask that kids under the age of 14 not attend the main console room for Our Midnight Games. This is the time us adults would like to behave like kids.

If kids under the age of 14 wish to use consoles after 3am till 7am, we ask a parent of guardian assist us in monitoring them. All other times are open for them to play. We thank you for your understanding.

There will be a console table specifically for ages 14 and over. Kids under 14 will not be allowed to participate in those games but will have access to games on the all-ages area.

Halo 3 for Xbox 360 Halo 3 for Xbox 360

Halo 3 is back again this year to give you another shot at finishing the fight with Master Chief. This run we'll have up to 4 360's dedicated to Slayer along with other variants of the game.

We'll have a grand tournament to find the best player(s) at Halo 3, Join out preliminaries Friday or Saturday to prove your worth in one of the best games to come out of Bungie and Microsoft. The final match will be on Sunday.

Try your hand again at our Midnight Madness from midnight till 2-3am where you can play 16 player games with the console staff. Seating is limited and is at a first come basis so get there early if you sign up because once we call your name and you're not there, someone will be ready to jump in your spot.

PopCap Arcade! PopCap Arcade!
PopCap is back again with all sorts of games to play. Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled, AstroPop, Feeding Frenzy, Heavy Metal and Zuma return each day in open gaming.

We'll also have a Popcap Tournament with Plants vs. Zombies 'VS' mode.

Rock Band 3 Rock Band 3
RockBand returns this time as RockBand 3, it's new more mature version.

Our main RockBand Xbox 360 is loaded to the gills with a large selection of DLC, All RockBand 1 songs, and Lego Rockband and the full silo of RockBand 3 songs it has come out with. In total, over 500+ songs spanning the full Rock Genre.

Friday will be our early bird Preliminaries so all you 3 day pass people can get your bands in the mix without fighting the Saturday rush. A second Preliminary will be held on Saturday for up to 16 bands in total fighting it out in the Finals.

So come by and play test RockBand 2, check out the differences, belt out some tunes. The area will be open the whole 48 hours of the convention minus a midnight use of the room on Saturday and a the Tournaments.

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