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Events in this category are some of the most enjoyed aspects of UberCon. They're an opportunity to learn from the pros, ask questions, try something new, or just kick back for a session.

Special Events scheduled at UberCon include: (listed in no particular order!)
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$100 Pyramid
We are back, and Dick Clark-ier than ever, as we bring back to Ubercon one of the most beloved classic game shows of all time: The $100 Pyramid! This year, we will begin this event with a special version of Pyramid, just for kids ages 10 to 16. That event will have its own prizes, and will run right before the main event. That will be a short version, for up to 4 players, chosen at random from eligible attendees. If there are 8 or more players, we will expand to 8 players. In the main game, Up to 16 players will be chosen to play from signups present at the start of the game. You may sign up until game time, but all signups to that point will be eligible for selection. Players will be paired randomly to compete head-to-head in four quarterfinal matches. In each match, two randomly assigned pairs take turns selecting categories having seven items that fit the category. The pairs try to convey as many items as possible to their partners in thirty seconds. The winners move on to the next round where they will be re-paired with another winner. Both the prelims and semifinals include hidden bonus categories for additional prizes. Winners of the semifinal and final matches, play in the Winner's Circle, where the game is turned on its head. Here, one player sees each of six categories, and tries to help their partner guess each category only by listing things that fit that category. Each correctly guessed category earns them a few dealer dollars, but if they guess all six within sixty seconds, they'll win up to 20, 40 or even 60 dealer dollars (in the finals). As always, spectators welcome!

Bejeweled Blitz Tournament
The game itself is simple - play Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook and try to get the highest score possible in the One minute allotted.

PopCap's Blitz competition runs from (approx) 1pm Tuesday until the next Tuesday. We are using the app, so the contest starts at 1pm EST on Tuesday, November 3rd (AFTER the scoreboard reset. If the app doesn't record your score, we cannot count it.) The tournament runs until 12pm (noon, EST), on Sunday, November 8th.

On Sunday, November 8th, at 12pm EST, Vladimir Ubercon will refresh his Blitz scoreboard page and take screenshots. The highest 3 scores on Vladimir Ubercon's scoreboard will be the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. ALL other scorers (No Score is not eligible) will be entered into a random prize giveaway.

If you are one of the top 3 scorers or win the random drawing, you will receive an email several days after UberCon so that we can verify your mailing address. Then we will mail you your prize!

Prizes are donated by PopCap, and have yet to be announced.

In order to be eligible for this tournament, you must:
1) Have an account on Facebook.
2) Have the Bejewelled Blitz app on your Facebook account.
3) Be a friend of Vladimir Ubercon on Facebook.
4) NOT be a member of UberCon Staff.
5) Be registered for UberCon.
a) If you are registered as an attendee, you are fine. The cost of the tournament is included in your weekend pass.
b) If you cannot physically attend, you must still register for an Ubercon weekend, using the discount code XIIPOPCAP. This covers the entrance fee for the tournament, $5.
c) Your contact info must be valid! If you register with an email that we cannot contact you at, then we cannot verify your mailing address and you cannot receive a prize!

In order to be eligible for the random drawing, you must fulfill all the requirements except 5. You do not need to be registered for UberCon.

1) All decisions are made by UberCon Management and are final. The screenshots taken by Vladimir Ubercon at 12pm Sunday, November 8th are the only valid proof of scores that will be accepted.
2) If you register for UberCon using the discount code provided above, and physically attend, you will be required to pay the remainder of the weekend pass at the door price in order to be admitted or to be eligible for the Blitz Tournament prizes.

One Vs. The Mob One Vs. The Mob
"... Want to make REAL money? ... then join the MOB..." - overheard in a whisper at Ubercon Registration table. Ubercon's, gonna be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness. In each game, one person, picked at random from the audience, will be pitted head-to-head in a battle for general trivia knowledge supremacy, against... the rest of the audience! The longer it goes, the more the pot grows. Up to 50 Dealer Dollars will be at stake in each of 5 or 6 games. And if the player blows it? The audience splits the money! The team that makes you climb the pyramid presents the most ochlocratic ("mob-ruled") experience in game show history. Come and play, or come and watch. Will the players escape with the money... or will the Mob rule? And sure... you can just watch... but in this game... you might as well ... join the mob!

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