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SECAUCUS, NJ, Feb. 6 - All are invited to attend UberCon III, an exciting three day event filled with games and fun at the Radisson Suites Hotel Meadowlands February 27 - 29, 2004. The event features a variety of activities and several guests of honor.

UberCon III is produced by UberCon, LLC with support from NVidia, Atari, AMP Energy Drink, MoMints, Wizards of the Coast, WizKids, Borders Books, Medieval Times, Outback Steakhouse, Microsoft Game Studios, Realms of Adventure Toys & Games, Reaper Miniatures, and Visionary Entertainment. The show will open Friday, February 27th at 4pm.

A sneak preview of Game Over, the first-ever CGI series in prime time, will be showing throughout the weekend at UberCon III. Game Over makes its debut mid-season on the UPN network. Other event highlights include free computer and console open gaming, a costume contest, digital photo scavenger hunt, Celebrity Pictionary, a web comic panel, a fan filmmaking seminar, and Dance Dance Revolution tournaments. In addition, numerous games and tournaments from various genres are scheduled throughout the weekend. Attendees can play their old favorites or learn a new game. Tournament participants can take home their share of over $20,000 worth of prizes.

Guests of honor at UberCon III include webcomic artists Gabe & Tycho from the hugely popular Penny Arcade webcomic; Pete Abrams, author of Sluggy Freelance webcomic; Jim Alexander, comic artist; Jeff Darlington, comic creator and writer; Tony DiGerolamo, creator of The Travelers and New Jersey Devil comics; Ben Dobyns and Matt Vancil of Dead Gentlemen Productions; author C.J. Henderson; Bill Holbrook, artist and creator of webcomic Kevin & Kell; artist Jeff Menges; illustrator Chris Moreno; and author & game designer M. Joseph Young.

UberCon III runs continuously from 4pm Friday through 4pm Sunday. For more information, visit www.ubercon.com

About UberCon
UberCon, LLC produces high-quality gaming conventions to satisfy the increasing demand for in-person competition and social opportunities. Leveraging our core team's diverse strengths, our focus will be on providing an enjoyable gaming experience to satisfy the growing demands for the gamers of today.

We offer a variety of tournaments using computer, console, war and tabletop games, as well as the highly popular trading card games. In addition to this, we supply a friendly, comfortable, and organized venue for customers to play non-competitively with friends as well as strangers.

While initially launching in the New York City area, our objective is to provide world class facilities as a global entity for the purpose of ushering in a new era of unsurpassed excellence in the game convention industry. Our organization bridges the isolation of "real life" enabling people from all ages, walks of life, and locations to meet, socialize and compete with each other in their favorite games. UberCon provides excellent value in terms of service and entertainment to our clients, excellent demographics that appeal to our sponsors and vendors, an enjoyable atmosphere for our volunteers, and fair rewards to our investors and staff.

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