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UberCon IX Continues a New Jersey-Area Tradition

Edison, NJ, Sept. 1, 2007 -- UberCon, LLC., a provider of high-quality gaming conventions, has formally announced today the ninth installment of its flagship UberCon New Jersey convention. This unique multi-genre gaming convention is scheduled to be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Edison, NJ,November 2nd through November 4th.

UberCon is a bi-annual gaming convention which offers a variety of tournaments and events in addition to computer, console, tabletop, role-playing, miniature, and collectable card games. The convention's general manager, Kevin Jagh, describes UberCon's overall goal as supplying a friendly, comfortable, and organized venue for customers to play non-competitively with friends as well as strangers.

UberCon IX marks a return to New Jersey after the successful launch of UberCon Great Lakes this Spring. While the UberCon team plans to continue growing and expanding conventions throughout the United States, organizers say they remain committed to maintaining a strong presence in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to playing a wide variety of games, con-goers will have the opportunity to interact with honored guests, artists, and game developers. This installment of UberCon will also feature special events based on Worldwide Dungeons and Dragons Game Day, provided by Wizards of the Coast. There will also be an exciting video game tournament with prizes provided by PopCap games.

For further information, please contact the convention staff via e-mail at info@ubercon.com, or visit the convention website at www.UberCon.com.

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