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UberCon XIV - New Jersey : MyUberCon

MyUberCon is your personal UberCon XIV planning center. If you purchase your badge(s) online for the convention, you can sign up for any games or events until the week of the con. Signup for events at the con will be handled at the game location with a pen & paper sign-up sheet.

Buy your UberCon badge online and you can preregister for events online (once we turn on event registration, a few months prior to UberCon). It's that simple. How it works:

  1. Immediately after you purchase your badge online for UberCon XIV, you will receive an UberCon ID # via e-mail
  2. View our online schedule, and click the "SIGN UP NOW" link to reserve your spot for that event. If you aren't logged in, you will be prompted for your registration #.
  3. Your registered event will be displayed in your personal schedule on the MyUberCon page
  4. Log-in any time to view your schedule, add or remove events, and more

Log-in to MyUberCon

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