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UberCon XIV - New Jersey : Volunteer Positions

Security hams it up for the photo Volunteers are needed to help run UberCon XIV, in addition to the people actually running games. All volunteers will have a credit card/check hold placed on their account until after the event. Verification forms will be provided to all volunteers. As long as your verification form is validated by a supervisor by the end of the convention, your credit card/check hold will be released. However, if we have not received a validated form by the end of the convention, you will be charged for the full admission price.Volunteers will be accepted at the con under the same deferred billing conditions, but we appreciate volunteers who sign up early, as this assists our advanced staff planning efforts.

Fill out our very short volunteer sign-up form to volunteer for a position. If you would like to GM/run a game, please visit our GM Signup Form. Feel free to e-mail con management at events@ubercon.com with questions.

Not all of the following positions are available or necessary for every event. Specific help wanted ads for can be found in our forum's volunteering section.

Registration Desk Volunteers Help Desk Volunteers
Registration requires minimal spelling and typing skills. People will be coming to you who are pre-registered as well as those who need to register. This is a troubleshooting position. You may be required to help other volunteer departments, do manual labor, or answer guest questions. This is a very active position requiring people and communication skills.
Security Staff Guest Liasons
Monitoring for people who have crashed the party, working with other security staff, protecting our game cache and prize closet, watching for unlawful activity, and being visible so that people feel safe. This requires being on your feet. This also requires good people and communication skills. This is a one-on-one position with one of our guests. The job can be very simple but it is a full time weekend position. A Liason's job is to simply help the guest organize and look after their best interests at the con.
Movie Volunteers LAN Technicians
Run the projector, watch movies, straighten up the chairs after a showing. Not a bad gig. This is a technical position and requires networking skills and knowledge of personal computers. This is a computer moderation position and you'll have to help mediate events with the LAN Organizer. It is advantageous if you have played some of our event titles.
Console Game Moderators Board and Card Games
This is a knowledge based position requiring knowledge of PS2, Gamecube, and XBox systems and how they operate. Moderation of other players is necessary. This is to assist in organizing games, running events if needed, and helping the Tabletop Organizer. Broad knowledge of tabletop games helps.
Miniature Judges RPG Moderators
This is to assist the Miniature Organizers in Judging. Requires a heavy knowledge of Miniature Game Requirements for Tournament Play. This is a moderation position where you troubleshoot and help the gamemasters run their events on time and without problems.

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